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I was outside doing chores, and encountered a tree frog and a garden spider, both of which I snapped pictures of. For lack of anything more exciting to post, I decided to upload my photos.


I've recently been overhauling the massive collection of poetry that I've written over the years. Most of it is not very good, but I'm posting a few pieces. Constructive criticism would be most welcome, as I am trying to improve my writing style.

I have been experimenting with writing free verse poetry. I'm not entirely satisfied with the results, but here are two of my free verse poems. I came up with the idea for the first one when we were waiting for Dad at the airport last week. 

First Words
We will say something meaningful, We’ve formed the words, and said them in our minds. We are determined that you will be impressed With all the intelligent things we have to say.
You’ll get off the plane, clear customs, You’ll see us eagerly awaiting there. We’ll spy you, and we’ll rush over to greet you, And we’ll give you our carefully prepared speeches.
We are fidgeting in our seats, Our necks are craned to see you. “There he is!” My brother says, we run to hug and kiss you, And forget …

Dad's Home!

Dad is now back in the U.S., hopefully to stay! He got here last Monday, but I have been so busy since then that I haven't had the time to post anything. Anyway, he's here, and we're glad to see him!