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Fifty-Five Bookish Questions

What better way to end a year than in a bookish post? One of my non-New Year's resolutions last year was to read more books. I didn't succeed as well as I'd have liked, but at least enough to justify swiping these questions from this blog: Wishful Thinking

1.  Your favourite book as a child? I've been told that I'd listened to Black Beauty so many times as a child that I was able to recite it.

2.  What are you reading right now?Man of the Family by Ralph Moody

3.  What books do you have on request at the library?  None. I don't like reading on a deadline, so looming library return dates have a way of stealing my pleasure in a story.

4.  Bad book habit. Reading a book from back to front.

5.  What do you currently have checked out from your library? Ummm...

6.  Do you have an e-reader?  No. No. Nope! I refuse to own one of the dreadful things.

7.  Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or do you tend to read several at once? I tend to juggle two or three books at a t…

Best Shots of '13

For me, this has probably been the best year, photographically speaking, to date. I thought it would be fun to choose my favorite shots from the year and showcase them here. Choosing just thirteen photos ended up being more work than I'd bargained for - there are just so many shots that I love - but here are the results of my (figurative) blood, sweat and tears.

Writing on Holy Ground

I'm not going to lie. This year has been rough. There have been rather a lot of stressful days, anger, confusion, fear...more failure than I like to admit. I haven't talked about it much because I can always look around and see others who seem to be having a harder time than I am. I'm generally inclined to doubt the legitimacy of my own problems and it isn't 'til afterwards, when I'm walking in the light at the end of the tunnel, that I look back and realize, 'wow! That was bad!' But, as with all rough times, I find that I have more reason for gratitude than for lament. Sure, it hasn't been fun, but I have learned a lot. Hardship reveals character, and I've found out a great deal about mine. I have flaws. Lots of them. But my God is oh, so good, and I have confidence that He'll see me through.

One (rather unexpected) benefit is that these trials are finally shaping me into the writer I've always wanted to be. Some of you readers may be …