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On Story-craft & Patience

There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Since I've started writing in earnest, I've begun a campaign to absorb information on how to write well (or at least, better). There are definite patterns in the world of writing instruction, and I've gotten to the point where one person's piece of advice sounds suspiciously like that of the person before. I could spiel an enormous list of writing do's and don'ts at the drop of a hat.
Anyway, one thing everyone seems anxious to impress upon us young scribblers is the fact that Inspiration must frequently be pursued, snared, and dragged home by the hair. The experts waggle portentous forefingers and inform us that, if you sit about waiting for Inspiration to come find you, you could potentially wait forever.
I do not pretend to be any sort of writing expert, and I am generally content to bow to the superior authority of the great and glorious Published Au…

Years of Truth and Freedom


This has been the year of beginnings.

Of opening my clenched fists and letting go.

I've spent a lot of time being scared, saying, 'I can't! I won't! I don't want to!' and hearing God reply, 'you can do all things through My strength.'

It has been a time of cleansing. The bleakness of the winter landscape matches the bleakness of my soul. Delusions, fripperies and pleasing lies have been stripped away. I've been forced to view myself in the hard light of Truth. Nowhere to hide. No more excuses.

I've done a lot of repenting.

This has been the year of doggedly going on. And on, and on.

This has been a year of great beauty. Of creativity, of growing things, of finding just the right words.

This has been a year of struggling toward freedom.

Of learning not to be ruled by the judgments of others.

Of developing new friendships and strengthening old ones.

I've been useful this year. Being useful makes me happy.

I've also been a total jerk.…