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I have discovered that Amazon has some really nice free MP3 downloads. Many of the free albums contain music from other countries. For all you fellow international music lovers, I thought I'd share a few links where you can listen to some of my favorite songs. Please do not ask me to pronounce any of the titles!

Here's a Turkish song: Yol Arkadasim

This one's by an Argentinian artist: Cordillera

This one is performed by an Israeli lady. It doesn't really have a distinct nationalistic flavor, but there's just something about it that I really like: Tipa Tipa

Here are two Croatian songs. The first one is just plain fun to listen to! Da Me Pojubis and Dalmatino Poviscu Pritrujena

I'll finish off with a happy little Argentinian song: Eu Prefiro Baiao

Enjoy! :-)

I Want...

Bessie, Tell, and Evie were over here this evening. They are always such fun to have around! I love hearing them talk about the things that are important to them. Nails and hair are important to Evie. Bessie gives the latest updates about her animals. Tell is researching mountain men and cougars. But they're growing up so quickly! They're not really little anymore. Where does the time go, anyway?

When they all left, I got to thinking about myself. What kind of aunt am I being? I realized several years ago just how much they all look up to me. I was sitting on the couch beside Bessie. I had my legs crossed. (Mom never was able to break me of that habit). Suddenly, I noticed that Bessie was trying to cross her legs, too. They were short, fat legs, and they wouldn't quite do it. She made an effort, then stopped and studied my posture intently. Finally, she solved the problem by holding her legs in place with her stubby hands. This little happening was funny and cute, and it…


I'd like the go-ahead, please! I'm 18 and bullet proof. I've got some talent, and tons of ideas. I'm pretty sure I know how to solve the world's problems. I'm ready to go! Seriously, what are we waiting for, God?

Wait, this attitude sounds familiar. I'm supposed to be enjoying this journey.What happened to my peace? What happened to my contentment? What happened to my joy in everyday things? Why can't I lick this impatience once and for all? I can't find peace and contentment in Africa or Europe or photography or writing or friends or music. True peace comes only from God. True peace comes only from God. TRUE PEACE COMES ONLY FROM GOD! Got that, self? Good. Now please keep getting it.

My Gifts

Some people just will never understand. Perhaps I never will fully understand, either. After all, why do I stay up all night writing poetry? Why don't I go to bed like a sensible person? Why do I spend hours crawling around on my stomach and twisting into crazy contortions to get 'that perfect picture'? Why do I feel utterly, inexplicably happy when I see the first spring flower or a brilliant sunset? Contrary to what I sometimes joke about, these oddities of mine will never make me rich and famous. Who ever heard of a rich writer or photographer? I don't think watching the sunset is a known remedy for a slim bank account, either. Material things I shall not gain, but really, I'm quite alright with that. I think that my life will be the richer for doing all these things that some people just don't understand.

I'll be happier, too. Yes, sweating over a tough chapter in a novel is actually relaxing to me. Let's not forget about the excitement, either. I…

Comfort Zones

This post is a direct result of a book that I've been reading lately. It's titled Do Hard Things; A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations. Now for a rather long time, I've had the sneaking suspicion that I shouldn't have to wait to be pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to come face-to-face with doing hard things. I should be willing to push myself, at God's bidding. I was right. I just didn't have the guts to do anything about it. Do Hard Things is changing that, hopefully for good.

Now, I do realize that comfort zones can be good things. For instance, you really shouldn't be comfortable entering a dark alley, alone and unarmed, with a serial murderer. Unless, of course, God told you to, in which case, you'd better. I'm talking about the comfort zones that hold you back. The comfort zones that keep you from witnessing, trying new things, or talking to people.

The new concept that has just hit me is this: Comfort zones are really just a…

Who Knew You Could Learn So Much From Being Broke?

Actually, I'm figuring out that, with God involved, you can learn some pretty amazing things from almost any experience. However, what I'm going to write about now is (drum roll please) fundraising for the Ivory Coast mission trip! OK, OK, I know you're probably sick of hearing about this. I know I talk about Ivory Coast and precious little else most of the time. But, right now I feel the need to write about it. I need to get some thoughts and feelings out in print, and look at them to see if they're really true. So, here goes!

First of all, if God wants you somewhere, He can jolly well get you there. Willingly or unwillingly. Oftentimes, in my case, it's unwillingly. I didn't want to learn contentment.

"No God!" I yelled. "It seems like all my friends are either off traipsing around the world, or preparing to do so. And where am I? Stuck on a farm in Missouri!"

But eventually I go the idea. Contentment isn't a place or a thing. It'…