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I have written a great many blog posts lately.

I haven't posted any of them. 
This is because I'm as perfectionistic in my blogging as I am in the other areas of my life. I want to produce the perfect post. The one that's thoughtful and well-written and that won't offend too many people.
I complete a post, and then realize, 'oh shoot! So-and-so's going to be sooo offended at me for saying this. They'll probably try to start another argument.' Sometimes I decide that it's better not to go there. Sometimes, I decide that this is the truth, this needs to be said. I draw a deep breath, publish the post, and await the onslaught.

Not so many years ago, the latter would probably not have happened. I would not have risked offending the people I cared about. I grew up with the ability to change my identity to accommodate the preferences of the people around me. I didn't have much of a personality. My 'identity' was scattered throughout a collect…

My March Projects

During the month of March I...
Completed my very first decent-looking crochet project
And made lots of jewelry
I've got some fun projects going on this month, too...I just love to spend an evening making something pretty while curled up with tea, music or a movie.
What projects are you working on?

A Response to Your Response

So, you remember that post where I asked you to let me know what you'd like to see more of on here? Here's the feedback I got:

You'd like to read more about:

     Me - why I am the way I am and stories from my life and the people in it. Funny or embarrassing
     moments were specifically requested. I've got so many of those, I'm not really sure where to start...

     What God's doing in my life.

     Opinions/thoughts on books, movies, culture, etc.

And 'I love everything you write. Just keep on.' (Thanks! That was nice to know)!

Thank you for the feedback. Stay tuned for new posts coming soon, and if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know.