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Unity, Individuality, and the Church

I have observed a rather worrying trend among Christians - specifically, Christians my age.

I have noticed a sad lack of passion.

Or perhaps I should say, a great abundance of unfocused passion.

There are a huge number of young people who are crazy about following Jesus. They're Bible readers, worshipers, active in the church.

But what happens if I bring up the subject of calling, of finding your own, unique place in the Body of Christ? If I ask questions like, 'what, specifically, are you passionate about?' or 'what are your spiritual gifts?' I frequently get a bunch of blank stares and confused answers.

'Cause that's not the sort of thing most people talk about.

I think it's time to change that.

We need to realize how important this stuff is.

We seem to live in a culture of specialist churches. My church is focused on community evangelism, while your church is really excited about discipleship, and the church down the road is all about overseas missi…