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Just Thoughts

Buying a Bible cover was a bit of a mistake. Sure, it extends the life of my Bible, but the cover has pockets and a zipper, which means that I can (and do) keep all manner of things stuffed away in there. My Bible slowly grows heavier and heavier as I shove church bulletins, sheet music, pressed flowers, photos, other books, newsletters...between the bulging zippers of that cover.

When carrying my Bible into church is equivalent to a weightlifting exercise, I know it's time to clean. So yesterday, I sorted through the oddments. Most of the papers were covered in hastily scribbled notes. Notes from my personal devotion time. Notes about whatever thought was currently distracting me from the sermon. Questions, prayers, insights. None of them have dates, and some are mere skeletons of thoughts, hastily recorded and preserved for future contemplation (these may become blog posts at a future date).

Since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I would go ahead and share some of th…