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The Late-Night Grumbles, Rumbles, and Mutterings of a Sleep-Deprived Me.

Life is crazy. I go to Mozambique for two months, then fly to England and stay there for a month, then come back to America and almost immediately start working at Camp David of the Ozarks. I haven't had time to blog. Haven't had time to think. Barely had time to answer the inevitable 'have you re-adjusted to America yet?' question that everyone asks me. Right now, my patent answer to that question is 'no'. Partially because I never was really adjusted to America, and partially because most of my time since coming back to the U.S. has been spent at camp. Camp isn't exactly stereotypical American society.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I really want to re-adjust. The me that came back from Mozambique is a better person than the me who stepped onto a plane on March 12. I suppose I'm just a little worried that re-adjusting might mean losing a bit of that change. It might mean losing the sense of gratitude I feel when I can speak English to total…