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Dialogues: Wrong Number

After being ignored one too many times, I finally felt the need (and had the opportunity) to have it out with him.
Me: Nelito! Why don't you answer your phone? Nelito: You never called me. Me: But I did! I called you just now. Here, I'll call you again. We spend a few seconds of silence, eyes fixed on his phone. It doesn't ring. Nelito (examining my caller history): That's not my number. I begin to laugh as realization dawns.  I have been sending texts to this number for upwards of three months. 'Won't make it to church today.' 'Where's the camera charger?' 'Where are the video clips?' 'Where are you?' 'My chappa has been sitting in traffic for 20 minutes. I'm going to be late today.' And because I've always been able to get the information I've needed from him vicariously through other media team members, and also because Nelito is a legendary ignorer of phones, I never had a suspicion that I could, just possibly…