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Roadtripping at the Golden Hour

What do you do when you're sitting in the back of the car for hours and hours and hours?
You start playing with your phone.
And you film some random stuff.
And then you make a video.

Packing Light-ish While Still Looking Pretty-ish (Lots of Unsolicited Advice)

Funny thing, but I've gotten a lot more particular about my appearance since moving to Mozambique. Maybe because most of the people around me look like they ought to be fashion models, and I'm not a fan of being known as 'the grungy American'. Anyway, I've discovered that I actually like dressing nicely. It's kind-of a mood lifter on not-so nice days, and since I honestly don't know who I'll be interacting with day to day, it's a relief to unexpectedly encounter Really Important People with the soothing knowledge that at least I'm wearing well-coordinated clothes.

Since I travel a goodish bit, and have an affirmed hatred for carting lots of luggage about with me, I've been working on perfecting my skill of packing light-ish and still looking nice-ish. Because it occurred to me that not everyone has as many opportunities as I do to mess about with packing trial-and-error, and also because I'm in South Africa, vacationing hard and aching …

Where We're At

Sometimes, it's  not who we are, it's just where we're at. 

We don't actually dislike people, we're just too tired to put forth the emotional and physical effort to make a connection.

We're not actually lazy, our bodies are just asking for a break.

We're not actually quick-tempered, we're just under enough stress that extra things seem unbearable.

We're not actually afraid of the future, we're just surrounded by so much uncertainty that thinking ahead to even more uncertainty feels terrifying.

There are days when we must wake up, look ourselves in the eye, and say, 'this is how I feel, not who I am.'

There are days when it is a real fight to silence guilt and ask for grace. To stop listening to the voice that hounds you with reminders of what a terrible person you are, and to ask, instead, for reminders of who God created you to be, what He wants you to do, and the strategy for how to be and do that in your current situation.

And the pea…