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So yesterday? Yesterday was not one of my better days.  I was, actually, I was exhausted. My nerves were about shot, and by supper time, I was employing nervous, too-easy laughter to cover all of the bitter, pessimistic, self-pitying things that were threatening to spill out of my mouth.  I wish I could say that I was a 'good Christian' and that I stopped and prayed about my rampaging sin-nature. But actually, I totally forgot about that.  I just slogged through supper in a grim-jawed fashion and counted the hours until I could go to bed.  Then the power went out. That happens a lot here, especially in the past few weeks, but last night, it felt like a God-send.  A blessing. A hiding of all the mess, the ugliness, the jobs left undone. An invitation to stop, to enjoy, to find peace.  To step into the bright circle of His presence and give thanks.