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We've all been enjoying watching the hummingbirds that come to the feeders I set up, so today I decided to sit out at the feeders and try to get some pictures of the birds. The little critters move so quickly that it's hard to get the camera to focus, but I did get one pretty decent shot.

If you focus on the hummingbird for long enough, the siding will appear to ripple. While I was waiting for the hummingbirds to pluck up enough courage to come close, I took pictures of some mushrooms growing in the flower bed.

The Mouse Hunt

On Friday night, Mom and I were sitting in our living room when I saw a mouse run behind our organ. Mom is a relatively tolerant person when it comes to animals, but she has never appreciated the idea of having mice in the house. So, as soon as I informed her of my rodent sighting, she ordered all forces to be gathered for an attack. Indeed, the reserves must be called in. Richmond was already soundly asleep in his bed, but what does a paltry thing like a good night's rest matter when there is a mouse in the house? He was summoned to his station of duty, and came willingly enough once he had absorbed the information.

We raided the kitchen cabinets for plastic containers, each choosing what we thought would make the best receptacle for a mouse. Richmond and I poised ourselves on either side of the organ while Mom cautiously scooted it away from the wall. The mouse came out like a streak of lightning and made it to the shelter of the schoolroom file cabinet with us in hot pursuit.

First Post!

Life has been crazy for me the last few weeks. My dad's father has moved down from Ohio to live with us, and my brother-in-law, Joe, is finishing the house addition that we started several years ago. In spite of the chaos, I hope I'll have time to post regularly. I'm really looking forward to blogging!