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I Don't Know

I remember the time when I was worried about losing my childlike faith.

Now, sometimes, people probably worry that my faith has become too childlike.

I find myself saying 'I don't know' a lot.

And I've learned to be okay with that.

The more I get to know about God, the more I realize there are many, many things I will never be able to understand about Him. Not here on earth, anyway! But one of the main reasons (perhaps the main reason) God gives me faith is so that I can accept the things I don't understand. How can I accept a God who has perfect love and also perfect judgment? How can I accept an angry God who also sent His Son to die for my sins? Only, ever, through faith. Through admitting 'I don't understand, I can't comprehend...and so I will simply worship You.'

I see more and more clearly that I don't have to have the answers. I don't have to hide my human smallness behind an arsenal of long theological terms. I don't have to imp…

Eeek! It's a Rant!

Please forgive me while I go on a brief rant. I try very, very hard to keep my number of negative blog posts to a bare minimum, but no-one can truly appreciate positivity without a little negativity to season it. At least, that's what I'd like you to believe. Anyway, here goes with a rant in letter form. Enjoy!

Dear People Who'd Like to See Me Get Married Off,

I don't mind your efforts. I really, really don't. In fact, they add a sometimes-welcome dash of spice to my life. I used to feel a bit threatened by you, but now I just laugh at you. I'm very definitely tough enough to take it, and since no boyfriends have magically materialized from the woodwork, I've noticed that many of you seem to have given up hope. I would venture to suggest that I'm hardly an old maid yet...but if you choose to expend your energies on someone else, far be it from me to moan. To those of you who tenaciously continue to hint and suggest, I salute your extreme perseverance.

Interesting Thoughts

I recently finished reading How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill. It is a book that covers the role of the Irish in preserving the heritage of Western civilization during the period of barbarian unrest between the fall of Rome and rise of the Middle Ages. It is a fascinatingly well-written and engaging book that I would highly recommend. I found lots of food for thought throughout the book, but the last section of the last chapter was especially thought-provoking. In it, Cahill takes a look at our modern world through the lens of history, and gifts us with a few of his thoughts. I can't say that I agree 100% with his spin on things, but his thoughts are definitely worth the thinking.

   'As we, the people of the First World, The Romans of the twentieth century, look out across our Earth, we see some signs for hope, many more for despair. Technology proceeds apace, delivering the marvels that knit our world together - the conquering of diseases that plagued every a…

Recent Heartbreak

Just another piece of God's world-sized heartbreak that has come my way:

The words 'sex' and 'industry' should never be combined. Ever. The bare mention of this combination makes me feel incredibly sad. Everything about it is just so...wrong.

My heart goes out to everyone involved in this industry: 'buyers'...'sellers'...'merchandise'...they're all made in God's image, and as such, I'm called to love and serve them the way Jesus would. The question is, 'how would He?'

How should I?

How should the church?

Just one more thing to keep praying about, I suppose.

Here's one of the things that got me started thinking about all of this in the first place.

Saturday is For...

Saturday is for...

A little extra sleep

Choosing joy

Catching up with friends

Making chili and chocolate chip cookies for the brother and his ravenous Airsofting comrades

Battling cantankerous bovines...and emerging victorious

Choosing gratitude


Redesigning things (two separate links there)

God's Smuggler

Wearing a hat

Choosing peace


Choosing diligence

Wonderful fall weather

Thinking long thoughts

Reading poetry

Writing poetry


More music

Spending time with God

Left-over (home-made) doughnuts


Hazelnut coffee

Blasting the radio in the barn kitchen

Reading good blogs


Saturday is for all the small, insignificant things that make a day extra-special. For contentment and peace. For taking time to enjoy the details. Saturday is for confirming your belief that the life God has given you is good.