We've all been enjoying watching the hummingbirds that come to the feeders I set up, so today I decided to sit out at the feeders and try to get some pictures of the birds. The little critters move so quickly that it's hard to get the camera to focus, but I did get one pretty decent shot.

If you focus on the hummingbird for long enough, the siding will appear to ripple.
While I was waiting for the hummingbirds to pluck up enough courage to come close, I took pictures of some mushrooms growing in the flower bed.


  1. Very nice!! I really like the mushroom one. I took some pictures of humming birds at our feeders, and I couldn't get auto focus to work but I found that if I used manual focus ( I don't know if your camera has manual focus) and focused where I expected them to be I could get some pretty cool pictures...


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