An Excursion

Today Natasha, Aster and I went on a walk down Bucklick School road (one of the innumerable unpaved county roads around my house). We got as far as Bucklick Creek, where we stopped to take pictures and examine the hole of some mysterious animal (there were no tracks, so alas, it will probably remain unidentified). We passed trees flaming with gorgeous fall colors, pastures of very friendly and inquisitive horses, and around 80 wooly bear caterpillars which were either squished in the road or crawling frantically to safety. We wondered if seeing so many wooly bears was significant in some way. Perhaps we are in for a hard winter? Natasha said that she would Google it. When we got back to the house, Natasha's mostly accurate pedometer said that we had walked approximately 5 miles and taken over 2,000 steps.

My apologies for the pictures being somewhat distorted. Natasha emailed them to me, since they were taken with her camera, and her computer sometimes does odd things to pictures.

Hanging our feet over the edge of the Bucklick Creek bridge 

Natasha & Aster

Natasha & Me


Aster & me under the bridge


Janie has been sweet-talked into doing
ALL of the work! Actually, I volunteered
to carry her. :)