The Real Test

What is the real test? Is it in the first conviction, when you're faced with a God you can't avoid? Is it the reckless,  inspirational moment when you commit everything to God? No, I believe it comes after that. When the busyness of your life engulfs you in its spirit-crushing waves. When you realize that loving your neighbor means that neighbor, the one you've always avoided. When the blackness of depression, defeat, or anger creeps into your heart. In short, it's when the first flush of devotion begins to wear thin. You realize it's wearing thin, and try desperately to draw closer to God. You know you need to spend more time with Him, but when? Where? How?

What is the real test? It is when you're no longer being challenged by 'the big things'. It's when you begin to think you can handle this thing called life pretty well on your own. It's when you don't always remember that you're not in control.

What is the real test? It is the debate you have every morning: 'Do I get out of bed in the cold and the dark to do devotions, or do I hit the snooze button on my alarm?' It is when breakfast is a complete, charcoaled, failure, and you have to choose whether to stay positive or complain like everyone else. It's when the car won't start, the dog kills all the chickens, everyone's still grumpy from breakfast, and some helpful person graciously reminds you of a silly mistake you made yesterday. Do you go off somewhere and scream, or do you draw cheerfulness from God and go on with your day?

What is the real test? Ordinary, everyday, plain old life.


  1. Wow Janie, that is REALLY good! Very eye-opening and encouraging.

  2. Very good point! For most of us that is indeed the true test; how do we act in normal life? I'm trying to not be lazy at the moment :) I've learned not to yell >_>

    I think though, that going through especially hard things can shape you even faster ...

  3. I agree, Adele, that going through hard times can shape us faster. However, we must all learn how to deal with the struggles of day-to-day life. Often, in my life, it seems that the lessons I learn in a hard time can be applied to help me deal with a simple 'home crisis'.

  4. And thanks, everyone, for you comments! I love to know that I can be even a small encouragement to people! :-)


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