I Want...

Bessie, Tell, and Evie were over here this evening. They are always such fun to have around! I love hearing them talk about the things that are important to them. Nails and hair are important to Evie. Bessie gives the latest updates about her animals. Tell is researching mountain men and cougars. But they're growing up so quickly! They're not really little anymore. Where does the time go, anyway?

When they all left, I got to thinking about myself. What kind of aunt am I being? I realized several years ago just how much they all look up to me. I was sitting on the couch beside Bessie. I had my legs crossed. (Mom never was able to break me of that habit). Suddenly, I noticed that Bessie was trying to cross her legs, too. They were short, fat legs, and they wouldn't quite do it. She made an effort, then stopped and studied my posture intently. Finally, she solved the problem by holding her legs in place with her stubby hands. This little happening was funny and cute, and it made me think. If she copies me in these little things, won't she copy me in bigger things, as well?

I want to be a good example. I want my nieces and nephews to be able to look at me and see how a godly person is supposed to live. I don't want to ever get so busy that I don't have time to spend with them. I want to fix hair and paint nails. I want to build villages out of Legos. I want to listen to the stories. I want to give the pictures their proper mead of admiration. I want my nieces and nephews to know that they can tell me anything, any time. I want to be there for them. I want them to know beyond a doubt that I will always love them, no matter what.