I have discovered that Amazon has some really nice free MP3 downloads. Many of the free albums contain music from other countries. For all you fellow international music lovers, I thought I'd share a few links where you can listen to some of my favorite songs. Please do not ask me to pronounce any of the titles!

Here's a Turkish song: Yol Arkadasim

This one's by an Argentinian artist: Cordillera

This one is performed by an Israeli lady. It doesn't really have a distinct nationalistic flavor, but there's just something about it that I really like: Tipa Tipa

Here are two Croatian songs. The first one is just plain fun to listen to! Da Me Pojubis and Dalmatino Poviscu Pritrujena

I'll finish off with a happy little Argentinian song: Eu Prefiro Baiao

Enjoy! :-)