Old Letter

Mom and I were going through the family Bible today, and found this letter. It was from my dad's aunt, Martha.

May 30, 1998

Dear Caileigh Jane,

Here is a new doll and a few clothes. I really wanted to send you a porcelain doll but breakable dolls and little brothers do not go well together. I know a lot of stuff about little brothers.

The tatting on the doll's nightgown was made by your great-great-grandmother: (Then follows a short list of 'the begats')
Jane Hardy Hawk
Lida Smith
George Smith
Robert Smith
Caileigh Jane Smith

She (Jane Hardy Hawk, my great-great-grandmother) was born in August 1844 near Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. Maybe Carrie or Candice can show this place to you on a map. Jane Hawk died in April 1935 near Winchester, Scott County, Illinois.

The doll's night gown is really supposed to go on and off over her head but her hair sticks out so much I decided to have the gown open in front and slip on like a coat.

I hope you will have fun with her.

    Aunt Martha

I am not sure how old Aunt Martha was when she made me those doll clothes. However, I do remember being impressed that someone as old as she was able to do something like that. I would have been five at the time, so undoubtedly Aunt Martha seemed pretty ancient.