Last Things

I missed the sunset tonight. I know that isn't a very big deal in most people's grand scheme of things, but, when you really stop to think about it, it is a big deal. God, in His amazing creativity, makes each sunset just a little bit different. That means I will never see this particular sunset ever, ever again. Sad. Very, very sad.

I have heard the worn out adages about 'living each day like it was your last'. Sayings like this usually call forth a mental eye-roll and and a 'whatever' from me. Just a word of advice: If you want someone to pay attention to a saying, the last thing you should do is post it all over Facebook, car bumpers, and whatever else comes to mind. But for some reason (returning to the point), missing the sunset tonight really made me think about how I would live if I knew that I would die tomorrow, or even in a week's or month's time. After all, I'm not guaranteed a tomorrow. I started thinking about all the things I would do differently, and therefore, should probably start doing differently. I don't expect the following lists to be of interest to really anyone. The first one, at least, is probably quite stereotypical. But, (aren't you happy)? I have decided to bore you with them anyway. Here goes!

Things of Greater Importance:

1. I would make sure everyone I encountered heard how much God loves them.

2. I would really, really, truly decide that arguing, petty contentions, and selfishness are not worth wasting my time over.

3. I would write all of my favorite people letters, telling them how amazing they are and how much they mean to me. I might even say it in person, too.

4.  I would stop worrying about what I think other people think of me.

5.  I would be happy that I was spared the possibilities of wheelchairs and memory loss and nursing homes.

Things of Lesser Importance:

1. I would wear all the really unusual clothes and jewelry that I like.

2. I would design a really cool gravestone for myself, and maybe even write a humorous epitaph.

3.  I would put together all my scraps of prose and poetry and give them to someone who would really appreciate the fact that I was basically handing pieces of my soul to them.

4. I would go dancing, canoeing on the Current, rappelling, horseback riding, hiking/camping, and fire breathing with my favorite, awesome, really adventurous people.

5.  I would get really excited about being in Heaven and talking to all the amazing people in the Bible.

6. I would revel in the fact that I used the word 'really' in every single 'I would' on this list.

Yes, that's it. Whether or not this post actually challenged you, I'll bet you know a bit more about me than you did.