Brief Update...Actually, Forget the 'Brief' Part

Here lately, I have been coming up with all sorts of things to post about, but have lacked the time/inclination to go ahead and post them. Or, I start a post and then decide that it's not really worth writing.

I have the house all to myself tonight, and am in an unusually communicative mood, so I think I'll just blog about some random stuff I've been thinking, feeling, and experiencing lately.

Penny had her calf a few days ago. He is adorable. But then, what calf isn't? I have been meaning to go out and take pictures of him, but haven't gotten around to actually doing it. I am mildly paranoid of cows, especially cows with calves. I have been chased and kicked a few too many times for me to ever feel truly comfortable with my back to a bovine. I hide my fear well (I think), but now you know the truth.

I have been re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I am falling more in love with it than I was before, if that is possible. Tolkien did a masterful job of depicting Frodo as the reluctant, humble hero. I like to think of Hobbits as representing the common, unremarkable, everyday folks of any earth, Middle or otherwise...people who will always surprise you with the extraordinary things they are capable of. I read the bit today about Frodo and his friends being entrapped by the Barrow-wights, and loved the following quote: 'There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid Hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate courage to make it grow.' I think that is true of people, as well as Hobbits. At least, I hope that it is true of me. I hope that, when I am tested someday, I will be brave enough to satisfy myself.

Tres (don't know how to get the cool little accent mark) :-/
I decorated our Christmas tree today. Mom wanted to get a fake one this year, but I begged for a real one on bended knee. OK, well, not quite, but you get the general idea. We managed to find the (REAL) tree currently adorning our living room for a discount price at Wal-Mart. I decorated it with lights, garlands of red plastic berries, silk poinsettias, dried hydrangea blossoms, and crocheted snowflakes. It looks rather nice, if I do say so myself.

I just finished listening to the audio recording of Emma. I sometimes find it difficult to stick with Jane Austen's other books (especially since I have watched a bazillion-and-five movie versions, and know exactly what is going to happen), but I have yet to get tired of Emma. The characters are delightfully engaging, the dialogue is humorous, and Emma herself is charmingly human.

I have all of my Christmas buying and crafting done. I have also wrapped all but two of the presents. I feel very proud of myself for accomplishing all of this a whole week before Christmas. I think I might have finally managed to nip my chronic procrastination in the bud.

I wrote a poem about first in two whole weeks. I guess I've been too busy to have time for inspiration.

I have been reading the book of Jeremiah. It is utterly fascinating! It almost feels like reading an action novel when you really start thinking about all the things that were going on in Jeremiah's life and world. It also has some very interesting prophecies that seem to relate to the end times.

We are not moving to Liberia. The job opportunity Dad heard about there has been taken by someone else. I was getting all excited about living in Africa, but it looks like that's not God's plan for us right now. I'm trying not to be too disappointed.

I organized a community game night. I think it went rather well. My Medusa braids were a bit of a sensation, and Joe and I won, yes, actually WON Trivial Pursuit. I think this may well be a first for me.

Mom wants me to finish printing out our Christmas letter, so I'm going to close this disjointed (and, quite possibly, boring) update and obey Ephesians 6:2 so that it may go well with me and that I may enjoy a long life on the earth. 'Cause we all know...if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Boa noite!