When Technology Fails Us

We couldn't Skype with Dad today. Mom and I both tried to call him - multiple times - but the call just wouldn't go through. So Mom (naturally) started wondering out loud why we couldn't get ahold of him. My thought: It's pretty amazing that we can get ahold of him at all!

Think about it. He's in Japan. We're in the U.S.A. That's a 14 - hour time difference. We are separated by an ocean (North Atlantic or North Pacific, depending on how you look at it) and yet, we can both talk to and see each other pretty much any time we choose. Amazing, no?

I think we tend to get pretty darn spoiled by our modern technology. We start to think that our priorities are of utmost importance, that the world revolves around us (because, most of the time, it does), and that the things we want to accomplish have to be done immediately. I became painfully aware of this mindset while I was in Moz. The internet on the base there would pack its bags and leave nearly every time we had a substantial rain. At first I was pretty bummed. What? I should have internet! I need internet! I deserve internet! This is sooo ridiculous! Thank goodness, I got over my irritation rather quickly. I spent my time doing other (probably more productive things), and getting myself back into perspective. And guess what? I survived!

Though it can be terribly inconvenient when our technology fails us, it can also be very refreshing. Sometimes its good to realize that the world doesn't have to revolve around us, to get our 'wants' and our 'needs' into proper perspective, and maybe just sit down and read a good old-fashioned book.