Writing, Writing!

So, I had just reconciled myself to the sad truth that I am not, and never will be, very good at writing novels...when I started working on a novel. That's right. Another novel. That I'm determined to finish. Same old story as all my other unfinished novels.

The intense urge to write has grabbed me in earnest, so I'm working on a story line I came up with last year. I refreshed the plot with a few twists that really, if I do say so myself, make a pretty darn cool story. I'm worried that I'll end up jinxing myself if I divulge too much, so I'll just say this: picture ancient Irish mythology happening in modern-day Missouri. Yeah. Weird, but I think it really might be very cool.

I'm still not under any delusions about my writing skills, and I don't really have any plans or ambitions for this story. I've just decided that I'm going to have fun making up characters and writing about them and not worrying about anything else. And hey, at the very least I'll have an excuse to dust off my Irish mythology books and have a good read of some of my favorite myth cycles. Sounds win-win to me!

I may or may not keep you posted. I also may or may not post the prologue for your perusal. Not sure if I'm really brave enough to do that yet. ;-)