Steamer Trunk of Memories

Somewhere inside of me, in that mysterious place between soul and mind, there's a box. I think it looks rather like an old steamer trunk - nondescript and capacious - and an old-fashioned skeleton key stands in the lock, ready for the lightest thought to turn it.

This old trunk is where I keep beautiful things. Memories, thoughts, songs...stored away in a golden jumble of emotions and laughter and awe. They are all there, gleaming nostalgically, ready to pour out at a moment's notice. The warm glow. The light of other days. Beauty and truth to illuminate seasons of gloom.

The images of many people are in this box. People of varying skin colors and backgrounds, but all with one thing in common - the positive impact they've had on my life. Whether I've know them for ten years or ten hours, they've all contributed to making me a better person. I wish there was a way to let all of them know how wonderful they are...

Words and phrases are also stored away. Some of them spoken by close friends or family, others by complete strangers. Most of them are simple and (seemingly) unimportant: 'You've encouraged me.' 'Good job.' 'I love your hat.' 'Please don't leave...I'll miss you.' 'You can do it!'

Acts of thoughtfulness: A friend mailing an unexpected package. Kind notes. Gifts that truly come from the giver's heart. Prayers. Guys that go out of their way to open doors for me.

Books, songs, and poems that contain beauty and truth.

Things God has said to me.

The stubborn, quirky, hilarious, and affectionate creatures that have come and gone at our farm.

And last but not least, the experiences: Hiking at Bolton Abbey. Practical jokes. Riding horses with friends. Easter in Mozambique. Fog and mist. A Shakespeare play at the Globe Theater. Dancing. Long talks with wonderful people. Sunrise. Sunset. Watching green things grow. Colorado. Camp 2008.

I am blessed.