Sifting Through the Jumble

The life I've been living lately feels like a big, disjointed jumble. A very busy, spare-time-devouring jumble. I've been feeling the urge to blog, and as I lack the time to come up with anything truly grandiose or wonderful, I think I'll just sift through my jumbly life (and even more jumbly thoughts) and share a few bits of them in hopes that you'll find something of interest. Here goes!

Bit # 1:
Black-and-white photography is awesome, and I've been doing as much of it as spare time (ha! Ha)! allows. I'm sure everyone who follows my photography is sick to death of black-and-white, black-and-white, and, oh joy! MORE black-and-white. But really, there's something just so enchanting about dispensing with color, and getting right down the the details that really matter. At least, that's what I think.

Bit # 2:
We've had two really terrific windstorms in the last 7 days. The top came out of one of our poplar trees, a big old oak fell on our truck, and an ash tree growing at the edge of our yard broke in the middle and came down. I am an ardent tree-lover, and seeing the old oak I have loved since childhood being chopped up for firewood was very sad for me. But, attempting to focus on the bright side of things, I am glad the sycamore behind our house has survived so far. I would probably be reduced to tears if anything happened to that tree.

Bit # 3:
I've discovered (or rather, rediscovered) Nat 'King' Cole. I used to dislike his music, but lately, I've really started to enjoy listening to him. Some of my favorite songs so far are Mona Lisa, These Foolish Things, Stardust, and Unforgettable.

Bit # 4:
The Mellen cousins from Maine are here for a visit. Another MMSC production (this time of The Princess Bride) is in the works. Woot!

Bit # 5:
We had a girls' night out (with some of the aforementioned cousins) to see The King and I at the Muny. It was a pretty good performance, and the weather was perfect.

Bit # 6:
I'm reading through Jeremiah again. It may sound presumptuous, but I feel I can relate to that guy so much. His heartbreak over Israel's rejection of God reminds me of the many tears I have shed over the degeneration of my own country. People always look at me strangely when I start talking about how much I love reading Jeremiah. I hear things like "that's *such* a depressing book! Why on earth do you *enjoy* reading it?" To which I admit that no, it's not all happiness and good's something so much better! It's the story of an ordinary, timid, young man who was blessed with the burden of God's heartbreak for a rebellious nation. Not a very pleasant burden, but one that always gives the bearer a unique look at, and a particular closeness to, the heart of God. And, in my mind, that's worth any sacrifice.

Bit # 7:
I really want to go back to Africa. It's such a huge continent, and I've seen so very little of it. The tug to return is always with me. Sometimes it's strong, and sometimes it's weak, but it's always there. I told God, "I really want to go back to Africa. I don't really care where, but there's just something about that continent that's always pulling on me. Please, can I go back?" And then, of course, I added, "but Your will be done."

Bit # 8:
Currently, my ideal vacation would be to stay in a small house in the mountains or a forest, with only some books, music, a few craft items, and perhaps a computer for company. I think this is a sign that Janie's getting worn out. I find myself in contact with people almost all the time, and I'm starting to feel overstimulated, tired, and grumpy. I'm beginning to realize just how much of an introvert I truly am as I discover myself looking forward eagerly to odd moments of silence and alone time, and (half-jokingly) threatening to spend the rest of my life as a hermitess. I'm still trying to sort out how many of my introverted tendencies are purely selfish impulses that need to be weeded out, and how many are God-given and valuable parts of my personality that need to be indulged and nurtured. Bleh!

Bit # 9:
I'm extremely glad that I'm single.

Bit # 10:
It's late. Good night.