Very Random Thoughts

A series of really, really random thoughts I had this evening:

I have noticed that each family has its own unique scent. It's a combination of environment, habits, hygiene, personal care products, detergent, and diet that is unique to each family unit.

The sign that you're growing up is when you start to develop your own begin buying a different brand of shampoo than the one your mom uses, you start eating more meals away from home, you spend more and more time away from your home environment.

When two people marry, their two scents combine with a new environment and different habits to create a completely new scent...a completely new identity. That strikes me as a kinda awesome and symbolic thing to think about.

I wonder if it's possible to create an infinite amount of new scents, or whether there is a limit to how many family scents there are. I wonder if an two people smell exactly alike. I wonder what my smell is (I was raised with it, so I don't notice or identify it). I wonder what it says about me. I hope it's not utterly repulsive. I wonder if you're becoming disturbed about my strange thought processes. I wonder if this post was the straw that broke the back of our internet friendship. I wonder if anyone else thinks about stuff like this.

Probably not.


  1. I think about it too, though, not to this extent.

    I wonder if a family scent can be traced down generations. It would morph and acquire new scents along the way, but it might still bear an original sent.
    Then instead of tracing our "blood-lines" we could trace our "sent-lines" :D
    Maybe in heaven we will have more acute senses and will be able to tell who is coming from a far way off and who they are related to all by smell. You think?

    1. Ah, very cool thoughts! I suppose there's no way to research the hereditary scents thing...and yes, I think that having sharpened senses of smell in Heaven is a distinct possibility. Yet another reason why I can't wait to get there!

  2. I do, I think a lot and browsing your blog, I found that I am not the only one who thinks of random and strange stuff. My mind seems to always be trying to figure stuff out. ;)


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