Saturday is For...

Saturday is for...

A little extra sleep

Choosing joy

Catching up with friends

Making chili and chocolate chip cookies for the brother and his ravenous Airsofting comrades

Battling cantankerous bovines...and emerging victorious

Choosing gratitude


Redesigning  things (two separate links there)

God's Smuggler

Wearing a hat

Choosing peace


Choosing diligence

Wonderful fall weather

Thinking long thoughts

Reading poetry

Writing poetry


More music

Spending time with God

Left-over (home-made) doughnuts


Hazelnut coffee

Blasting the radio in the barn kitchen

Reading good blogs


Saturday is for all the small, insignificant things that make a day extra-special. For contentment and peace. For taking time to enjoy the details. Saturday is for confirming your belief that the life God has given you is good.


  1. That's a really nice list, Janie, and a jolly good way to spend a day.


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