A Moment of Self-Revelation

I'd rather have good water pressure, or no running water at all. I'd rather have dependable, speedy internet, or no internet at all. I'd rather have well-brewed, nice-tasting tea, or no tea at all. And the list goes on and on...I've known this about myself for awhile, but I never really thought about the why of it 'til this evening. Then it struck me that this is probably a result of my somewhat perfectionistic mindset of 'if it can't be perfect, I'd really rather not even try. If the things I have aren't what I consider to be good enough, than I'd rather not bother with them at all'.

I could see this being a real problem if I lose the easy-going flexibility that leavens my perfectionism out. It could become an even bigger problem if I start taking myself, my abilities, and disabilities, more seriously.

If I can't have my druthers, you probably won't catch me whining about it (okay, well, maybe a wee bit of whining), I'll just get busy doing the best I can with what I've got. And maybe, someday, I'll even become ace at cutting out whining (even mental whining), in its entirety.

Okay, moment of self-revelation over. I have these moments so rarely that I feel compelled to write about them when they do occur. Silly, I know.