The Hat Project

Pardon me for a moment while I bask in a warm glow of thrifty, distinctive Janie-glam.

Behold, two unadorned hats, which, to my eyes, hold vast amounts of potential..
Now, behold finished product #1
Hat - $5 (I think) at an antique store
Feathers - free! (from our now-deceased chickens)
Knight pen - $3 at another antique store (yeah, now you know where I do my shopping). ;-)
 Finished product #2
 Hat - free! (thanks, Miss Carol)!
Feathers - free! (picked up in various locations).
Pin - $1 from a second-hand store
A few minutes spent arranging, cutting, gluing, and sewing, and viola! I've got two more pieces of headgear. I think I'll need a hatpin for the black one. That big brim is liable to catch the wind and send the whole thing sailing away.

Long story short, I love thrifty crafting, especially when it turns out nicely. Frequently, my projects end up looking like something the cat drug in, and I have to banish them to dark corners. So, when something does look nice, I feel an urgent need to do a bit of bragging.