New Music and a Miscellany of Other (un)Important Things

I found two new bands. They're both so talented and unique and just plain fun that I can't believe I've lived this long without them. Actually, I can...but, you know...

The first group is the Mediaeval Babes. Here's a blurb from their bio: 'Pulling lyrics from mediaeval texts and setting them to original scores using mediaeval and classical instruments, whilst singing in an impressive array of long forgotten languages, the Baebes (offer) a unique musical beauty and outstanding talent.' Sounds like a recipe for general awesome, no? Some of their songs tend to lag with a lack of variety, but many of their pieces are just absolutely brilliant.

The second band is Raising Jane. Here's what their bio has to say: 'Since 2007, Raising Jane has been focused on bringing forth exceptional vocal harmonies in the Folk and Celtic traditions. They have explored old time gospel, roots, country and a-cappella pieces. Without distancing themselves from their love of all things Celtic, they now continue to expand musical styles as the begin to venture into the contemporary folk scene.' In my mind, you can't go far wrong wrong with a good, strong Celtic/Folk focus, and Raising Jane is listen to. They're not sophisticated or glamorous. Unlike too many small new bands that try to do too much too quickly, Raising Jane gives the impression of a very solid sensibility.

As for the miscellany of unimportant things:

I made oatmeal-molasses cookies yesterday. They are delish...just the kind of moist, lightly-flavored yet hearty cookie that I like best. I'm already dreaming up some recipe modifications that will make them even more tasty.

I read a couple of Horatio Hornblower books and then watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Bad, bad choice. If you've ever subjected yourself to such a combination, you know what I'm talking about.

I went wandering in Wednesday's beautiful foggy morning and took this picture.

Some important things also happened this week, but I don't have the mental energy to write about them right now. I'll save that post for another time.

What about you?
Did your week have any 'unimportant' highlights?