I am happy when I take pictures.

I am happy when I write poetry.

I am happiest when I do both.

When I take a picture, I am looking at something as it is. I see the surface truth of things. When I write poetry, I explore what a thing may be - the possibilities and perceptions. Together with the truth of God's Word, poetry and photography present an excellent lens through which to explore the world.

I like the person I become when I write and shoot photos. I become a person who notices things - simple, tiny, everyday things - in a new way. I stop. I take time to observe, to listen, to learn and think.

It's really rather like a treasure hunt. I never know what I'll find once I start looking.

The difficulty is that it's far too easy to abandon the hunt, to stop looking, to rush through life with my eyes closed. Then I become a person who is dissatisfied, ungrateful, and utterly unobservant. I do not like that person at all.

When I enter a room without noticing how the sunshine streams in through the windows...

When I sit in a pine forest and fail to wonder what the trees are whispering about...

When I speak to a person without observing the little details of voice, mannerisms, eyes, skin, hair...

When I look at the splendid contrast of grey skies and yellow grass without a sudden surge of gratitude to the God who created it all...

Then I know it's time to pick up the camera and the pen and start exploring my world with different eyes.


When was the last time you stopped and appreciated the little things?