My March Projects

During the month of March I...

Completed my very first decent-looking crochet project

And made lots of jewelry

I'm pretty pleased with my handmade tree pendant
This one's made out of broken shells I picked up at a beach
A wire-wrapped arrowhead, and a piece of a giant pinecone
This one's my favorite
Hemp, hemp, and more hemp!
I'm learning how to make wire-wrapped jewelry, and these are my three best attempts. As you can see, there's still room for improvement.
This necklace was so much fun to make! It goes with anything,
and the bright colors really help liven up some of my dull tops.
I've got some fun projects going on this month, too...I just love to spend an evening making something pretty while curled up with tea, music or a movie.
What projects are you working on?