Best Shots of '13

For me, this has probably been the best year, photographically speaking, to date. I thought it would be fun to choose my favorite shots from the year and showcase them here. Choosing just thirteen photos ended up being more work than I'd bargained for - there are just so many shots that I love - but here are the results of my (figurative) blood, sweat and tears.

Tell's new brother

Fun times with Poppers

Lucy's smile

Apple tree


Lucy again!

Queen Anne's Lace on a blue plastic barrel

Festival of Nations, Tower Grove Park, St. Louis

Lavender on the wood-box

North Rustico, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Wedding preparations!

Near Stanley Bridge, P.E.I., Canada


The photo quality diminished noticeably when I uploaded these to my blog. So I'll indulge my photographer pride by directing you to this album, where you can view these shots in much higher quality. Also, would anyone be at all interested in reading the stories behind these photos? I'd be happy to share if anyone would be interested.