Photo Diary

August 18
YWAM's ship, Next Wave, came into harbor at Mgarr. I explored a bit on board,
got a sunburn, and exciting stuff like that. I also used an ATM for the first time
in my simple little life, so now I have MONEY!

August 19
Research and writing for Equip Moz. Laundry on the balcony, with the breeze and the view. None of my garments ended up in the swimming pool or the cactii, but it was a very dicey thing. I lingered a bit longer over the folding than was strictly necessary and it was a relief to do something other than stare at a computer screen. They are burning off the nearby fields. The smell has been following me about all day, and will probably linger in my clothes.

August 20
Open-air market with cast & crew. I bought what may have been the only decent, medium-sized tank top that wasn't encrusted in sparkly logos. I was really quite pleased with myself. Also, thanks to some marvelous techie folks, I NOW HAVE A FUNCTIONAL PHONE (!!!) with a SIM card and stuff. Already downloaded some maps of the area, so I should be able to go exploring with minimal fear of getting woefully lost in all these winding streets. One of the neighbors was burning his field this evening, so I climbed up on the wall for some photos. 

August 21
Started the day properly with the church bells chiming Ave Maria and some
wonderful rooibos chai that Tori very kindly bought for me. Made some
legitimate headway on an article for the Equip Moz. site and sweated, and
sweated, and sweated. For some reason, today seemed much hotter than the
other days have been. It felt so good to hop into the pool and have a water
fight with Kyran, though my squirty duck didn't work nearly as well as his
squirty seahorse.

August 22
Not sure what's wrong with me; exhaustion has held me a close prisoner all day. Made it out to this hodge-podge resale store called The Bazaar. It was a cultural experience (I loved it). Moved out of my old room to make space for another guest, washed & changed sheets, etc. Corresponded/chatted with some of the folks back home. Had supper with Lasse and Martta, a Finnish couple from the Next Wave (Lasse blessed the food in Finnish. It was beautiful). Climbed up on the wall to snap photos of the ocean, the sunset, also the cat who comes regularly to the door and begs for food. By happy chance, I heard the choir at the church next door singing Ave Maria. Lingered with the sunset, the mosquitoes and the choir...absorbing the peace.

August 23
Visited Ggantija, the second-oldest man-made religious structure in the world and made replicas in the shade with the kids. Napped.Welcomed Vicky, a British lady who staffs another YWAM ship and who will be staying with us for a few weeks. Took a shower in my new bathroom and basked in the WATER PRESSURE (!!!). Visited with a Chinese couple from Liverpool and their two adorable little boys. Finished preparing the room for another visitor who will probably arrive tomorrow. Our top balcony offered us a good view of an impressive fireworks display over on Malta. Went to bed. Got up to hang out clothes, so the blue towels wouldn't bleed over everything. Went to bed again.

August 24
Ventured out to church over bumpy roads (construction crews have kept very busy digging mysterious holes in the main thoroughfare) and rural detours to avoid more construction areas. Came home and relaxed for a few hours with my Bible and some coffee. Fiorlisa, an Italian-American who also lives here, made a delicious pizza supper with the kids. As you can see, Kyran kept his pizza under close surveillance at all times ("look at my PIZZA! Janie! Look at the CHEESE!") Marina, our new visitor, arrived and was welcomed with food and a spirited discussion about Rastafari and hypothetical Amish goths (don't ask. I truly don't know). Jon and Fiorlisa have joined forces in a jocund effort to get me paired off with someone. I give all the teasing back about as quickly as it's dished out, and any outside observer would probably think that we're all treating each other horribly.