In Which I Throw a Bunch of Photos in Your General Direction

What do I say about Gozo?

How do I present my life here a lovely, relaxing time on a Mediterranean island, but also as a time of ministry, growth, change, and intense spiritual development?

I haven't done a lot of the tourist things, partially because it's hard to prioritize the time, partly because I prefer the roads less traveled by, and partly because I would rather just visit with the wonderful people who live here. Also, because I have been doing important stuff. But it's visually boring stuff, so I don't have many photos to prove it. Because really, who wants to see pictures of me, sitting at the computer and writing newsletters or searching for statistics?

And that's why I haven't been blogging very much. I'm not really scared of being on vacation (though people supported me to go to Mozambique, not hang out in Malta, so there is that), but I'm not certain how to present the things that I have been doing here in a balanced way.

I still haven't figured out how to do that yet, but people keep requesting photos, so I think I'll just give you some of those and sort the rest out later.

So I'm in Gozo, Malta.
Apparently, Coleridge used to live here, too. 
There are many things to look at, such as...
Pretty doors...
...ocean sunsets...
...and salt pans...

There are also some very cute kids.
There are many experiences to be had...
There is the richness of an old, old culture.
And the changeless transience of a wide, wide sea.

And if you're lucky, Superman might come play the Chariots
of Fire theme for you.

There are lovely people here...
A lace maker in Rabat (Victoria)...
...these people, who have basically adopted me...
And THIS PERSON (ah, this person).
Also, the secret to a well-balanced life.

And then the less-tangible things: The things God has been doing in my personal life, the relationships He's renewing, the new relationships I've formed. The unity, the love, the clarity...I feel about five more blog posts coming on.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this truly stellar photo of my feet.
In case you hadn't noticed, I have an Instagram account now. My username's
photographerjanie, if you feel like following.