My Life According to Instagram

Little gecko buddy, chilling out on my closet door. There are geckos all over the place here, in a wide variety of sizes. This one was slightly longer than my thumbnail. I'm happy to have them around as allies in my war against the bugs.

A man talks on his cell phone during a very crowded chappa (or shappa) ride. This was the trip when I was sitting back-to-back with another person on the console between the two front seats. I was facing toward the rear of the vehicle with my face a few inches away from the person in front of me. It was a great time to reflect on the ceaseless juxtapositions that make up my life here. It's a country where there are only about 11 passenger cars per 1000 people, but where cell phone usage is widespread and increasing (with approximately 48 mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 people as of 2013). This is a place of constant surprises - pleasant and otherwise - and the only way to avoid constant stress is to remain flexible and cultivate an appreciation for the interesting little details you encounter every day.

For me, this shot sums up the blend of history and progress that's part of every life, everywhere, but which I find even more obvious and intriguing here.
The woman is selling samosas (chamuças), a type of pastry that originated in the Middle East sometime before the 10th century, and eventually made its WA to Portugal. From there, chamuças were introduced to Mozambique, where they've become a very common food and been given their own, distinctively Mozambican twist. 
The man is selling electronics. The electronics were obviously a very different type of introduction, but are also popular, with credit retailers and little booths selling phones and accessories to be found on many street corners.

Evening church at Peniel

Waiting...I sit in a chappa waiting for more passengers, she sits on a window ledge, waiting for something else.

A group of boys find their evening's entertainment watching football through the window of a shop. There was much excitement - jumping up and down and shouts of 'golo' - when the favored team made a goal. I didn't see who was playing as I drove past.

A man whose vest advertises that he sells Mcel credit for mobile phones and a vendor of cell phone covers, ear buds, and other electronic supplies enjoy a chat in the shade during a hot afternoon.

Worship at Peniel Worship Center (a church of about 5000) is truly a multi-generational affair.

Jariel in front of the fountain in the Baixa.

Three workmen refinishing the outside of a building.

And finally...a shot of yours truly.


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