Dialogues: Do you like to cook?

São: Do you like to cook?
Me: Yeah, I do.
S: Do you want to make lunch for all of us?
M: Uh...right now?
S: Yes.We want to taste some American food.
M: Umm...sure.
*fridge raiding ensues, and the mental gymnastics of how to make 'American food' in someone else's kitchen, with limited time and only a handful of Mozambican spices.*
S: I'm going to take your picture so you can show it to your mom.
*I smile a little too enthusiastically*
I made beef and potatoes and onions and garlic and carrots and tomatoes in a frying pan. With Italian seasoning (because that was about the only familiar seasoning I could find). I'm not sure how 'American' it was. But...
S: This food is good. You could get married next week.
So there is that.
Here you are, Mother dear...
...photos courtesy of São 


  1. "You could get married next week"! That is rather funny!

    1. It's always good to know that my options are open. ;-)


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