Savane in Pictures and Few Words

Sometimes, life here isn't all chappas and crowds and dust.

Sometimes, when life gets crazy and my hearing becomes too much a stranger to the sounds of nature, I pack my capulana and my books and my camera, and head to the beach.

Wind in my hair and sand between my toes, and something coiled up deep in my middle begins to unwind.

Clear, blue water,
Clear, blue sky,
Unpolluted by proximity to the city. 

An endlessness.
A vast expanse.
A fitting place to cast anxiety to the wind
And watch tension recede with the tide.

To remind myself of my gifts.
To stop and marvel.

To treasure.

And to breath and breath again the clean, salt-laden air.


  1. Yes, sometimes we need to escape, get back out in nature, and reconnect with our Creator. It looks like you have a lovely spot for doing that! The third photo from the bottom is my favourite - the pattern in the sand. :)

  2. P.s I just tagged you:
    Looking forward to reading your answers! :)


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