The Ring is Still in Your Pocket

We've fought the battle and crossed the line of surrender. God has proven His goodness, His utter faithfulness, and we, reluctant and fearful, have finally given Him what He asks: everything. Our lives are Yours, Father. We don't want control anymore, and we're ready to finally start living entirely for You. The weight of responsibility lifts from our souls, and, with lightened step, we head for the wide adventure of the rest of our lives.

With our foot on the doorstep, God gently reminds us, 'but the ring is still in your pocket.'

That shiny, beautiful, desirable thing that holds you enslaved? Maybe you've forgotten about it, but I haven't. And I know that you love it and you feel that it's a part of you, but it actually belongs to Me now. Give it to Me; leave it behind so that you can be free.

Our dead nature attempts a resurrection. No! Not that! Anything but that! But, with shaking hands, we dig deep into our pockets and make good on our surrender. The lovely ring thuds to the floor and we step into the road that goes ever onward and upward to glory. 

Lord, I belong to You fully and completely. Show me the rings that I'm still carrying about in my pocket; those precious obsessions that have become a part of my very self. They can't pass with me into fullness of life, and so I desire to lay them all down before You. 


  1. I relate to these words so much... thanks for sharing. xx

    I also just tagged you in my latest post. I'd enjoy hearing your answers!

    1. Hey, you're welcome! Thanks for letting me know.

      I saw your tag. Don't know when I'll get 'round to responding because, you know, LIFE. But I should do it eventually. :)


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