Dialogues: Concern

So Beira isn't the world's safest place to be out in after dark, and if I'm doing something at the church late at night, without Jon and Carla, my entire circle of acquaintances take it upon themselves to ensure that I make it home in one piece. It's like having a bunch of Portuguese-speaking older siblings. 

Anyway, I was at church by myself tonight, shooting photos for the youth service. Afterward, all the siblingry began...

Toninho: Do you have a ride home?
Me: Yeah, I'm going to ask the Wilcoxes.
Toninho *calls one of the Wilcoxes over*: Elias, can you take her home?
Elias agrees, and Toninho and I have a conversation about violin lessons, which is always entertaining because Toninho invariably speaks English to me until he hits a linguistic roadblock, when he just sort-of fades back into Portuguese. When we conclude our conversation...
Toninho: Okay, Elias. She's ready to go now.
Elias, deep in a conversation, acknowledges briefly and keeps on chatting, so I wander back over to the media table to collect my gear and talk to Dino about flash drives and photo editing.
Dino: Do you have a ride home.
Me: Yes. The Wilcoxes are taking me.
Dino: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm sure. I talked to them about it.
Dino, still obviously not entirely convinced: Well, send me a text when you get home.

So everyone who's worried about my safety? Don't freak out too much. I have, like, a bazillion concerned people making sure I get where I need to go. 


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