An Interview & a Promise of Good Things to Come

Some time ago...probably a year or possibly more (because I don't journal as faithfully as I ought)...I encountered a blog entitled Apples of Gold...and Jessica's lovely, simple, honest writing. I have frequent cause to be thankful for that encounter, because it's my pleasure to visit, to read, and to come away refreshed. I think that 'wholesome' is the best word I've found so far to describe Jessica's writing. It feels nourishing and good and helpful. And I think more people should be given the opportunity to read it.

So I'm very excited to be hosting Jessica here this week! Keep reading for an interview that will hopefully make you as excited about her upcoming guest post as I am.
Jessica's Photo
What got you started with blogging? Well, about five years ago, my friend started blogging, and that opened to me another world. I read her blog, and found other blogs I enjoyed reading. Pretty soon I wanted to join them, and that's how Apples of Gold started. 

How long have you been blogging? Just over three years. The time has gone so fast, and God's taught me a lot through it. I'm excited about what He can do with the future.

What inspires you? Seeing God work - whether it's His design in nature, or His working through people, or through the things He brings to my attention when reading His Word.

Do you have a goal you're hoping to achieve with your blog? When I began blogging, I was blogging for numbers - how many views, how many followers, how many comments I could get. But somewhere along the way, God changed my attitude - now it's about people. I want every person who views Apples of Gold to come away feeling encouraged to pursue God, because He can be found. I want them to be inspired to share their story, and rest in knowing that they are so valuable in His sight. If my blog can be some small blessing to others, if I can share hope, reflect God's love, and inspire someone to keep on - then my blog's goal is being reached. 

Where do you live & what's it like there? I live in the varied and diverse country of Australia. I've never been anywhere else to compare, but I think it's the best. :) My family and I live inland, in a grazing area, so we get a bit of everything - hot dry summers, and cold winters. But even when the countryside is bare and brown it has a beauty. Every time I look out the window I appreciate it even more. 

Want to share a couple of fun facts about yourself? I've been known to read the dictionary; words fascinate me. I believe everyone has a story worth sharing, and this world would be a better place if people took time to listen. I have three pet sheep, whose names are Harry, Mephibosheth (Phib for short), and Jumbo (Jo for short).

Can you give us a sneak peek of your post (just to whet our appetites)? Here you are:
I've been stressed. Situations have come up beyond my control, and I don't like it. I want to do something to fixe them. But I can'. So, I sit here, and I think, and I worry. I worry about the image it puts on God's name, I worry how people may view me, I worry about the effects on others. I cry out to God in my mind, Do something! And God replies in His quiet, calm, way...
And you'll just have to wait to continue reading. :)

Come back on Saturday to read the rest!