Love, Work & A Guest Post

Today, in the midst of cooking supper, figuring out my social life for the next couple of days via text, fielding questions about Photoshop that were frankly out of my league, and trying to encourage frustrated people with coffee and my scanty store of Portuguese humor, I got an email from Jessica that my guest post was up on her blog. 

And there was much rejoicing the kitchen
...with a potato masher.

I have all sorts of nice things to say about Jessica and her blog, but I'll save them for later, when it's her turn to guest post here at the Chronicles of Janie. Let it stand for now that I'm really honored that I got to share some blog space with her. 

So head on over to Apples of Gold and take a peek at what I have to say about real love, my pitiful attempts at writing a bio, and Jessica's posts which have been an encouragement to me time and time again. 

Happy reading, meus amigos!


  1. This made me smile - rejoicing in the kitchen, with a potato masher. :) Just so long as the mashed potatoes stayed where they were intended to be. ;)

    Thanks for your kind recommendation of Apples of Gold too - and I'm totally the one honoured to have you post on there. :)

    1. The mashed potatoes were actually delicious...maybe my enthusiasm rubbed off on them.


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