Let's Go Change the World

I was on my knees, yet again, exhaustion clamoring even more loudly in my ears than the speaker system, discouragement hanging as heavy as the dust clouds that blocked my lungs, more vast than the crowd that gathered, half-seen, at the edges of the light.

There are times when I can face a mountain of problems, break them down into manageable pieces, recruit help, and have faith that we will overcome.

This was not one of those times.

The normal list of impossibilities had expanded and blossomed into something completely unmanageable, and I was left staggered, and wondering, 'how do you change a world that is so, irreparably, broken that it's falling to bits around you?'

I did the only thing I know to do. I got down on my knees and I lifted my hands, and I said, "God, I know I'm here for a reason. I know You have things for me to do. But right now, everything looks impossible. How do you change a world that is so broken?"

The answer came in the words that the worship team was singing:

Vamos mudar o mundo.

Let's go change the world.

In an instant, the power of that phrase struck me and changed my discouragement into hope. 

I haven't been ordered out into brokenness and impossibility and told, 'go change your messed-up world. You're all on your own.'

Instead, I have a God - the God with whom all things are possible - who says, "Vamos! Let's go. Together." 

When God calls us to change things, He isn't ordering us into the front lines while He stays far away from the battlefield. Instead, He's the victorious King, mighty in battle, who will never ask us to go anywhere He is not, will never lead us into a fight where He has not already prepared the victory.

Who says to us, "Come with me. Let's go change the world. Together."


  1. So Janie, how are things going now? I hope much better


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