There are no Words {Just a Few Thoughts}

Until now, I have written nothing on the subject of the Sandy Hook mass murder. What could I say? Could my words contribute any positive or helpful light to such a dark situation? If I had been there, in that community, with the opportunity of speaking to the family and friends of the victims, what could I possibly have said? "Jesus loves you?" "I'm praying for you?" "It'll all be OK?" "I hate that murderer, and I'm sure he'll burn in hell?" (I would not even consider saying that). Such words, such inadequate words, would not pass my lips, and so they did not pass my fingers, either.

On the other hand, my social networking world was deluged with a variety of responses to the tragedy. People used the opportunity to tout their guns-rights beliefs, express feelings of grief and outrage, or share their thoughts on the fallen condition of the world we live in. A wide range of sentiments, surely, but all sharing one common factor - the human need to verbalize their beliefs and feelings. 

Why are we uncomfortable with silence? Why do we respond to everything with words, words, and more words? 

There is a time and a place for words. But I believe there is also a time and a place for silence. Perhaps some griefs are too big to be shared with words. Perhaps halting sentences of 'comfort' can prove to be quite the opposite.

Gradually, God has been showing me the beauty of silence. He has shown me that silence can sometimes be more powerful than a thousand splendid words. He has taught me to trust Him in the silence, as well as in the words I speak. At times, when I am faced with another person's pain or fear - a hurt more overwhelming than anything I have experienced - I must flee to God for the answers. Sometimes, He gives me words - His words - to speak and heal the wound. And sometimes, there are no words...and healing comes through the silence.

As Christians, we are called to 'weep with those who weep'...sometimes through the things we say, and sometimes through the things God says in our wordless, tear-stained silence. I believe that the 'right' response will be different for each person and each situation. Our job is simply to seek for God's answers, follow His paths, and share His heart with a grieving world. 


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